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* Production in August has been postponed until further notice

"Hourglass is a philosophical story about our past, suffering, and the role of the subconscious mind, packed in a cryptic, mind-bending short film."

Gregory Koefer


GENRE: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller
TONE: Cryptic, Low-Key
THEME:  Suffering & Letting Go
LANGUAGE: English (de / fr sub)
LENGTH: +/-20min
PLANNED PRODUCTION : End 2022 / Beginning 2023



After getting locked in an ominous library, a depressed young guy encounters three manifestations of his inner psyche and soon finds that he needs to sacrifice a part of himself or risk losing them all.


After his father’s death, Tom (27) finds himself trapped in a loop of suffering.

Like every other evening, he walks through the streets of his neighborhood. Like every other evening, he sits on a bench, scrolls through old pictures, cries and waits for the same stranger to pass by at exactly 8:30pm. But tonight Tom’s life turns upside down after the stranger suddenly pushes him off the bench. Before he has the chance to see the face of the stranger, he starts falling into a dark void. Time slows down infinitely, and before Tom realizes what happened, he slams on the floor. Irritated, Tom stands up and tries to follow him. He loses him out of sight and finds himself standing in front of a mysterious door. Tom reaches for the handle and enters a library.`

Tom meets manifestations of his inner psyche. His Ego (Walbert, 63), the Inner Child (11), and the Higher Self (31). After Walberts ominous speech about milk and water, Tom realizes he has been poisoned by Walbert. In order to survive he must find a key before the hourglass is empty.

During his search he understands the meaning behind the library and the characters within. He soon finds out that he must sacrifice a part of himself or risk losing everything if he doesn’t find the key. The closer he comes to a solution the more he starts understanding the strangers identity, and that everything is connected.

Will he be able to break the loop of suffering?




Tyger Drew Honey as Tom

Paul Wild as Walbert

Victor Hugo as Aren

Edward Piccin as Jasper

Gregory Koefer
Writer, Director, Producer

Jean-Christophe Dupasquier
Director of Photography

Daniela Correia
Wardrobe Stylist

Tereza Caballero
Producer, Production Designer

Liam Westbrook
Composer “Superhumanmusic”

Thomas Bede
Casting Advisor, PA

Core team

The Core Team has been involved since the very beginning and because of their help, believe in the project and hard work in Pre-Production we can go into Production.


If we sell out the Secret & Gold Tickets, we will have funded one of the first films in the world fully through NFTs. If not, we will still go into production.


Regular Ticket

ETH 0.02
  • · Exclusive Access to Pre-Premiere
  • · Access to Discord Server and private holder chat with exclusive insights to Behind The Scenes Footage, Process of Production, Post-Production and the entire filmmaking process

Gold Ticket

ETH 0.2
  • · Your Name in the Credits
  • · Whitelist Spot for next Film
  • · Includes all "Regular Ticket" Perks
  • · Original Physical Film Poster


  • · Includes all other Perks
  • · Executive Producer Credits
  • · Get a Physical Prop from the film


FEB - MAR 2022 The thought of partly fund this film came to live.
Phase 1: Discovery

· Launch Twitter
· Launch Discord
· Launch Website
· Create Art
· Developing Contract through Thirdweb

APR 2022 What started as a thought manifested quickly into reality.
Phase 2: Minting

· Start Mint
· Mint 333 Regular Tickets: 0.02 ETH
· Mint 20 Gold Tickets: 0.2 ETH
· Mint 6 Secret Tickets: 3 ETH
· Reveal the NFTs
· Reveal Pricing

· Open exclusive Holders Chat

MAY - DEC 2022 Community, Community, Community!
Phase 3: Pre-Prod & Collabs

· Access to process (Insights Storyboard, Shotlists)
· Additional NFT Drops & Collaborations
· Explore potential partnerships (ex: Pre-Premiere for holders on
· Q&A Sessions
· Contact Press / PR to push project international

Mid 2023 This will be a very busy time.
Phase 4: Prod- & Post Prod

· Production
· Livestream via BEEM
· BTS insights of production for Holders
· Reveal of Secret Ticket
· Access to film & music footage for holders
· Start with composition

2023 WAGMI.
Phase 5: Film Festivals

· Private Screening for all holders on Web3 based Streaming platform
· Submission to Film Festivals: Cannes, Berlin, Sundance etc.
· Private Screening for Crew & Sponsors (potential live stream for holders)
· Delivery of prop to secret ticket holders
· Approaching Streaming Services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.)

2023 Contact to Netflix Manager is established.
Phase 6: Public Distribution

· Pre-Premiere Film Festivals
· Public Premiere World Wide
· Potential Streaming Distributor Deals

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